Professional skills

Video directing - Image - Post Production


After obtaining a diploma specialized in Video Editing and Post Production in 2009, I gained valuable experience working for Production Companies and TV Channels for four years (references in the bottom). I’ve held positions ranging from post-production coordinator to video editor-in-chief which allowed me to enhance both my technical and artistic skills. Additionally, I have held many other roles including graphic designer, technical manager, and quality controller, which have expanded my job experiences and added diversity to my career.

Being passionate about new technologies, I’m an expert in editing softwares such as Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere, as well as shared networks like Media Manager and Interplay.

My biggest joy : discover new horizons and learn new skills!

In the light of this experience, I now want to give more of myself participating in people's personal development, using my sensitivity to imagery and people, as well as my technical knowledge.

Freelance Photographer and Video Director, I put my creativity and my equipment at your service to help your project come true and bring you to the next step! For the detail of my technical skills, scroll down the page.

My last feature documentary Freedom Tracks won an award at the Equus Film Festival for Equestrian Inspirational Documentary.

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Audiovisual technique

Directing and shooting

Online & Offline Video editing

Graphic design

Website maintenance


Video directing and photography

Script creation, shooting planning, team management, technical expertise with shooting and lighting gear.

Using of HD Cameras and sound recording gear

Shooting with professional cameras (DSLR Canon 6D/Nikon, Black Magic, Sony EX1,Sony Z7, GoPro...), sound recording with external microphones (Shotgun or HF) and recorders

Digital Compression for Broadcast (TV and Web)

Knowledge of the different formats and quality of video and audio signal in TV broadcast and capatation. Expertise in the different codecs for internet broadcast.

Video Editing


Adobe Premiere Pro

Final Cut Pro


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Lightroom

After Effects

Web content



Microsoft Office


Offered Services